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7 Uses for Tea Tree Oil Around the Home

Tea Tree

Tea Tree oil is a popular and well known oil which most people have heard of. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been the last few years!
It is extracted from the leaves of the Melaleuca alternifolia - a native tree of Southeast Queensland and also the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia.

You can find it added into many beauty and health preparations such as soaps, shampoos, creams, toothpaste and other personal care products. It is renowned for its antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral properties and has a strong and pungent aroma.

Tea Tree oil has many other uses though, not just for dabbing on a persistent pimple or using as part of a foot soak to refresh and deodorize tired feet. It has many uses around the home, which are simple and easy to prepare and benefit from. Here we list some of the ways you can use Tea Tree oil in your household:

Mold and Mildew Cleaner
Add 7-8 drops of Tea Tree oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Shake vigorously to combine and then spray onto any areas that have mold or mildew growth. Leave to sit for 30 mins and then wipe clean. Any persistent areas can be treated again and left on for longer.

Toothbrush Sanitizer
When was the last time you cleaned or disinfected your toothbrush? If you think about it, your toothbrush is constantly going in your mouth, picking up bacteria and then left to sit on the side. Then later on you use it again in your mouth – with all that bacteria sat on it. Urgh! It is a wise idea to periodically disinfect your toothbrush. This is where Tea Tree oil can help. Put a couple of drops into some water in a glass and leave your toothbrush to soak in it, bristle side down of course! Make sure you rinse it thoroughly before putting it back in your mouth.

Laundry Disinfectant
Bacteria and fungi are likely lurking about in your washing machine so add a few drops of this oil into the machine during a wash cycle. Due to its antibacterial and antifungal properties, the Tea Tree oil will seek and destroy any nasty organisms that are present.

Athlete’s Foot Fix
If you suffer from this pesky condition, then you will appreciate how itchy and irritating it can be – as well as looking unsightly! Did you know that you can utilize the antifungal benefits of Tea Tree oil to cure Athlete’s Foot? Add 8-10 drops of the oil to ¼ cup of a carrier oil such as Sweet Almond or Sunflower oil and apply to the feet twice a day. Leave to soak in for as long as possible.

Insect Repellent
The pungent aroma of Tea Tree oil naturally deters many insects and critters from invading your home. Ants especially can be a persistent problem, especially when they start hanging around inside your home and usually your kitchen looking for some crumbs to feast on!

Mix a few drops of Tea Tree oil with Eucalyptus Essential Oil and apply neat to any areas where the ants are seen to linger and also at any entry points to the house. Just be cautious about leaving this mix on any areas that a pet can access, like the floor or kitchen work surface, as of course your pets should not ingest these oils.

Belly Button Cleaner
This may sound a bit gross, but if you have an ‘inny’ belly button you can often find it accumulates fluff, dead skin and other debris. This can quickly become a breeding ground for bacteria which can result in a belly button that exudes a smelly discharge. One drop of Tea Tree oil applied to the inside of your navel will eradicate the issue very quickly. You can use a Q tip to apply it or a soft cloth or tissue.

Natural All Purpose Spray Cleaner
Add 12 drops of Tea Tree oil to 250 mls water and 250 mls of white vinegar in a spray bottle. You can then use this all natural and powerful antibacterial spray on any areas around the home, that needs disinfecting. Use it on kitchen work surfaces, floors, showers and sinks to clean and sanitize. Cheap, easy and all natural!

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