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Avocado Oil


Avocado oil is a very good carrier oil to use for the skin as it has a range of benefits in its own right. It's an extremely nourishing oil and is great for mature skins and skin types that suffer with dryness. It is rich is Vitamin A and also contains various essential and trace minerals. Avocado oil has a very thick consistency and is quite sticky, therefore it is best to dilute it well with other oils when blending.

Another component of Avocado oil is Vitamin E and this has long been revered for it's benefits to the skin. It can be helpful for treating dry, cracked and chapped skin and any other skin conditions where deep and emollient mosturizing is required.


Botanical Name

Persea americana

Extraction Method

Cold pressed from fruit


Dark rich green


Fatty and slightly sweet



How well does it absorb?

Stays on the skin, leaving a waxy feel

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