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Jasmine Absolute


Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine Absolute is one of the most fragrant and beautiful aromas in the world. Highly prized in perfumery and fragrancing, the essential oil is extracted via a solvent and a large amount of flowers are required to make just a single drop of this precious oil. Jasmine Absolute is highly concentrated so usually is blended with a carrier oil.

It is often used in Aromatherapy for relieving dry, irritated or sensitive skin. As well as this it is reputed for having aphrodisiac qualities and can act as an antidepressant. A few drops of Jasmine oil in an oil burner can create a romantic atmosphere when required!


Botanical Name
Jasminum officinale

Extraction Method
Solvent extraction

Part of the Plant Used

Description of Aroma
Floral, Fragrant, Exotic

Deep brown to golden

Properties and Uses
- Antidepressant
- Aphrodisiac
- Aids dry and sensitive skin
- Uplifting

Blends Well With
- Lemon
- Orange
- Rose
- Sandalwood
- Tangerine

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