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Patchouli Essential Oil


Patchouli Essential Oil

Like a fine wine, Patchouli essential oil improves with age which makes it quite unusual amongst all other essential oils. The aroma is an acquired taste and you either love it or hate it. Often associated with hippies and the swinging Sixties, Patchouli oil has a number of properties which are useful when practicing Aromatherapy.

Patchouli essential oil can be used to treat a plethora of skin conditions ranging from dry and chapped skin, to helping to balance oily skin or acne flare-ups. When used blended in massage, it can help encourage new skin growth and aid the healing of scars. Fungal infections such as Athlete's Foot and Ringworm can also be treated using Patchouli oil.

If you find the scent agreeable, a few drops of Patchouli essential oil in a burner or oil diffuser can help create a relaxing and romantic ambience in your home. The oil also has some insect repellant properties so can be used to help deter bugs and critters. Unlike many other oils, the aroma of Patchouli oil really lingers for a long time which is why it is often used as a base note and fixative in perfumery.



Botanical Name
Pogostemon cablin

Extraction Method
Steam distillation

Part of the Plant Used

Description of Aroma
Earthy, warm, woody

Golden brown

Properties and Uses
- Aids various skin conditions
- Relieves stress and tension
- Insect repellant
- Balancing and grounding

Blends Well With
- Bergamot
- Citronella
- Geranium
- Lavender
- Myrrh
- Vetiver


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