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Rose Essential Oil


Rose Essential Oil

Rose essential oil is often used to treat psychological problems such as depression, nervous tension and grief and is generally considered an uplifting oil for mood and wellbeing. Well suited to mature skins, Rose oil is a common addition to creams and lotions for the relief of dry and sensitive skin, broken capilliaries and inflammation.

There are two methods of extracting the Rose oil from the petals of the flower. Steam distallation of the petals produces Rose Otto while using a solvent extraction method produces Rose Absolute. Both processes produce a highly prized, precious and beautifully fragranced oil. Rose Otto oil is more expensive than Rose Absolute, due to the fact it takes a considerably larger amount of petals to produce Rose Otto than it does to make Rose Absolute.

In an oil burner or oil diffuser, Rose Essential Oil can promote a feeling of wellbeing and calm - helping to lift the spirits and reduce feelings of negativity, depression and anxiety.


Botanical Name
Rosa damascena

Extraction Method
Steam distillation

Part of the Plant Used
Flower petals

Description of Aroma
Floral, sweet, perfumed

Pale yellow

Properties and Uses
- Benfits mature skin
- Relieves stress, anxiety and grief
- Astringent
- Aphrodisiac
- Aids healing of scars

Blends Well With
- Chamomile
- Clove
- Geranium
- Jasmine
- Lavender


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