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Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil can be described as stimulating, uplifting and energizing. Most people are familiar with Rosemary used as a herb for cooking and it lends itself particularly well as an accompaniment to lamb! However Rosemary essential oil does not really smell like the herb we are familiar with, it has more of an aroma of camphor.

It has a reputation of being able to help with problems regarding oily skin and acne. Also it is useful in keeping the scalp and hair in good health. In fact you can make a hair tonic from fresh Rosemary by steeping a whole load of freshly cut sprigs in boiling water and when cool use it as a final rinse on your hair.

Regular massage of the scalp using Rosemary Oil can help improve blood flow to the area and can help improve the symptoms of dandruff. It can also be blended with Basil oil or Tea Tree oil as another effective scalp treatment.


Botanical Name
Rosmarinus officinalis

Extraction Method
Steam distillation

Part of the Plant Used
Flowers and leaves

Description of Aroma
Herbaceous, Camphoraceous, Medicinal


Properties and Uses
- Hair care including dandruff
- Reduces tension and fatigue
- Arthritis and Gout
- Stiff and sore muscles
- Promotes positivity and alertness

Blends Well With
- Citronella
- Cedarwood
- Geranium
- Lavender
- Lemongrass


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