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Rosewood Essential Oil


Rosewood Essential Oil

Rosewood essential oil is a gentle oil that is suitable for sensitive and mature skins. It is a popular oil used in skin care as it has regeneration properties that can help to prevent wrinkles and premature aging - it's a great oil for skin care in general. Used in massage, Rosewood oil can help to alleviate chronic fatigue problems and relieve the symptoms of conditions such as ME and Glandular Fever.

If you add a few drops to an oil burner or diffuser, the deodorizing properties of Rosewood essential oil can help to clear a room of stale or bad odors. As it is a relatively gentle oil and unlikely to cause skin irritation, it is considered reasonably safe to add a few drops to your bath water when bathing. The sweet and woody fragrance creates a relaxing atmosphere and as Rosewood oil is such a great oil for the skin, lie back and let it soak in!


Botanical Name
Aniba rosaeodora

Extraction Method
Steam distillation

Part of the Plant Used

Description of Aroma
Woody, sweet, floral

Clear with a yellow tinge

Properties and Uses
- Can alleviate chronic fatigue symptoms
- Room fragrancing, removes stale odors
- Gentle, good for sensitive and mature skins
- Antibacterial and antiseptic
- Uplifting, can help depression issues

Blends Well With
- Geranium
- Lemon
- Lime
- Orange
- Rose


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