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Almond Oil, Sweet


Sweet Almond Oil is a light and nourishing oil which is easily absorbed into the skin. It is considered a very good all round carrier oil at an affordable cost. It is exceptionally beneficial for the skin and is suitable for all skin types including dry, aging, irritated and delicate infant's skin.

The constituents of Sweet Almond Oil include high levels of fatty acids, Vitamins B, D and E and also various other minerals. The oil has very little odor and absorbs well leaving just a light sheen on the skin and no oily residue or stickyness. Sweet Almond Oil is extremely popular in Aromatherapy and is often used when performing facial massages due to it's many skin benefits.


Botanical Name

Prunus dulcus

Extraction Method

Cold pressed from kernel


Almost clear with a slight yellow tinge


Faint odor, slightly nutty



How well does it absorb?

Leaves a light oily sheen on the skin


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